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I have been drinking Thea Matcha for awhile now. And yes I am addicted and can't drink any other matcha. It has such a yummy smooth taste which is why I love it! And it gives me a good brain boost in the mornings when I need it.

Angela Y.

I've been a regular customer for a year or so and I wouldn't buy my matcha from any other company in NZ. The quality and customer service is impeccable. I always buy the 2 pack for the great price :)

Madeleine Olsson

It's smooth, not lumpy or bitter. I have tried a few other brands before Thea, and struggled to like them. I love These matcha and won't be using any others now.

Anastasia L.

Honestly beautiful clean quality matcha. I love your tea. Service is friendly and delivery is always prompt. This twin pk is good value for money. Highly recommend this to everyone. My fav is in almond milk made into a warm latte.

Janeine H.

I absolutely love the Thea matcha powder! It’s so smooth and delicious. I have it first thing in the morning with a spoon of extra virgin coconut oil. It’s the best. It doesn’t clump and easy to dissolve. Top product, top service and beautiful packaging!! Thanks Thea girls!!

Ponsonby c.

Mean as matcha. I love it, will be back for more

Matthew S.

I love Thea Matcha! Have tried many different brands and this is by far the best out there. Beautiful bright green in colour and smooth in drinks. Super easy to add to baking and other recipes. The ladies behind Thea are lovely and have excellent communication. Also very generous with the points system. Thanks Thea.

Vanessa S.

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Products with a conscience

We wanted to give you quality products without adding to landfill. We've selected packaging for our matcha and collagen range that can be reused, composted or recycled. 

Our products are bagged in cellophane, home compostable bags or directly into the tin. Once finished, you can recycle this or reuse.

Products are shipped in materials made from renewable plant-based sources. 

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There’s a lot of debate thrown around with “Why you shouldn’t buy organic” or “Organic vs Conventional”. When we started Thea, we tried over 50 different samples of matcha from...

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