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Serenity Set
Serenity Set
Serenity Set

Serenity Set

This pack includes 1 x Matcha size of your choice, 1 x Bamboo Long Handle Whisk "chasen" and a Matcha 'Chasahaku' spoon. 

Start your Matcha morning right with our traditional "chasen" aka Bamboo Whisk and 'Chasahaku' set. It includes an attachment which you can rest your whisk on after mixing your matcha tea.  

Thea’s organic Matcha is a high quality and nutrient dense ingredient, often called a Superfood. Carefully harvested and sourced only from trusted fields in Uji, Japan, who are certified organic. Using traditional Japanese methods, leaves are shade-grown and stone-ground to provide the fine powder that we call Matcha.  

    Taste:  Has a silky and smooth floral undertone with deep umami notes. Best used raw, as tea or as a Matcha Green Tea Latte!


    Please keep out of the light and in an airtight container to prevent oxidisation which causes Matcha to lose its vibrancy and flavour. You may also chill in the fridge to increase longevity. A mini peg is provided to help keep your Matcha airtight and fresh!

    Thea Recommends1/2 tsp (1-2g ) Matcha in a day. Add a dash of warm water to your thea Matcha, use zig zag motions to rub and combine completely creating a 'thick tea' i.e. your base. Add more to your desire. Water (hot or cold) or milk of choice, then maybe top with ice, fruit or more Matcha on top - get creative! 


    WHISK: 15cm height x 1.5 cm wide. Varying widths due to the nature of each bamboo piece. Includes a resting piece for your whisk. Long handle Bamboo Whisk 40 Prong. SPOON: 12 cm height x 0.7cm wide. Hand wash with no soap and dry immediately. Bamboo is delicate, so handle with care. Fraying over time may occur please store upright or in a container. 


      Please note: Contains Caffeine. If you are pregnant or on prescription medication, seek professional advice first if you have concerns. 

      Our packaging is 100% recyclable - Or you can use it as a cute way to store anything!

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